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Whether your company sells bottles or services (or anything else, really), we’d love to work with you to develop a mutually beneficial collaboration that has a lasting impact. 

We work closely with our partners to develop initiatives and campaigns with undeniable impact. From small start-ups to long-tenured foundations, we’re confident in our ability to help you do something that matters.

Why partner with us?

Australia’s Charity of the Year

In 2023 we were recognised for the impact and results our program has on young males, their wellbeing and behaviours.

We’re proud to be the recipients of this prestigious accolade.

A new deal for boys

High suicide rates, domestic violence, crime. It’s clear. We need a new deal for boys and young men.

Our vision is for a future where every boy in every school, across every state in Australia fosters resilience, trust, respect, empathy and wellbeing. A society where the very definition of masculinities extends far beyond the stereotypes. That’s the community we’re building together.

A better Australia

We’re all about igniting young males’ inner Top Bloke. Every day we impact the lives of boys and young men. We understand that life’s challenges can sometimes seem overwhelming, especially for young blokes.

That’s why we’ve made it our mission to be a beacon on their path to becoming their best selves.

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How are we different?

We’re not just another organisation; we’re mentors, guides, and mates. Our experienced Youth Workers are here to help young males discover their inner strength, build healthy relationships, and become confident leaders in their own lives.

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