Logan’s Legacy

In memory of Logan, “Pandemonium Music Festival” is teaming up with Top Blokes Foundation to help young males’ mental health and wellbeing.

“Pandemonium Music Festival” is proud to help honour the life of Logan Steinwede (Son of Karina and Stepson of Kieran Foran) who tragically took his own life on 6th November 2023. 

$10.00 from every ticket will be donated to the Top Blokes Foundation, supporting the legacy of Logan and helping those young men in NSW and QLD directly affected by mental health issues, sadly an ever-growing issue amongst our youth.

Andrew McManus, CEO of Apex Entertainment & co-owner of Pandemonium said, “On reading about Logan, and my life of growing up on the Gold Coast seeing the ever-increasing issues our young people, particularly young men, I felt compelled to reach out to Karina and Kieran Foran, offering my support wherever possible. Over coffee with Gold Coast Titans CEO Steve Mitchell, we devised the plan to showcase Logan on screen at the forthcoming festival at Doug Jennings Park between artists and donate from ticket one, $10.00 per head, allowing the festival patrons to generously support Top Blokes and juvenile suicide prevention. We are proud to be able to help in these very sad and tragic circumstances”.

Dr Justin Coulson, Logan’s uncle added, “When Logan took his life, we had no idea it was coming. We are devastated to know that he felt so hopeless, even with such love and support around him. Sadly, we also know that suicide is a daily reality in this country. The terrible pain of it is that suicide is completely avoidable. And it has left so many with eyes blinking through tears towards a seemingly impossible future without loved ones. Along with “Pandemonium Music Festival” we want to help preserve the memory of Logan. Further, as we see good being done in the world in his name, his death carries greater meaning for us. And we hope that by building this legacy, we can help others and teach valuable lessons that will support healthy lives and relationships.

Top Blokes is right there on the ground, helping young men at a time when they’re incredibly vulnerable. The program isn’t a one-hit wonder. And it’s not about a big motivational speech in front of a whole school assembly. Instead, it offers a small group of boys access to their own mentor over a period of months, supporting them, teaching them skills, following up with them, and developing a network of support beyond the programme. These elements make it different to so much of what’s out there, and we see an opportunity here to make life liveable for a generation of struggling boys.”

Melissa Abu-Gazaleh, Founder and Managing Director, Top Blokes Foundation said, “Top Blokes is honoured to help build a legacy for Logan following his passing. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Logan’s family for choosing Top Blokes as the beneficiary of this profound and meaningful gift.”

“In honouring Logan’s memory, we pledge to work tirelessly to prevent others from facing the same pain. Logan’s Legacy serves as a guiding light in our fight against youth suicide. With the support of Logan’s family, we stand strong, reaching out to boys and men right where they live and learn. Together, we can empower them to forge ahead with confidence and foster the foundation of positive mental health for a brighter future. This gift means so much. Thank you to Logan’s family.”

Steve Mitchell CEO Gold Coast Titans added, “We’re extremely proud to be joining with Top Blokes Foundation at the Pandemonium Music Festival to help young males’ mental health and wellbeing following the tragic passing of Logan,” Mitchell said.

“Having shared a coffee with the Foran’s to speak about how we as a club and community could help honour Logan’s legacy, both Karina and Kieran’s drive was to help young men with their mental health literacy and continue to provide further education in a bid to prevent juvenile suicide.

“Teaming up with Andrew and the Pandemonium Music Festival will unite our community and help raise funds and boost awareness for such an important cause whilst enjoying world-class acts performed on the Gold Coast.

“Alongside our support of the event, I’m really excited Titans members will also get the chance to access an exclusive pre-sale window to purchase tickets for the highly anticipated event.”

For tickets head to Pandemonium Rocks.