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Welcome to a world where resilience, empathy and self-respect reign supreme. Together we’re smashing stereotypes and reshaping the future of masculinities through long-term, evidence-based mentoring programs for 10-24 year olds. 

Join us in this exciting journey as we champion mental wellbeing, break down barriers and empower the next generation of Top Blokes.

Who we are

We exist so more young males lead healthy and safe lives.

Our vision: mentoring boys and young males to redefine their notion of a ‘top bloke’ as resilient, empathetic and authentic. Our proactive, long-term mentoring programs offer tools for growth and wellbeing, fostering communities where trust, respect and multiple definitions of masculinity thrive. More than just an organisation, we’re mentors and allies, empowering young males to find their inner strength and lead with confidence.

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Our Impact


boys and young men mentored


improvement in mental health


improvement in life skills and outlook

How we do it

Lasting impact with expert guidance

Our long-term programs, led by qualified youth workers, are designed to create change that lasts, foster leadership and grow boys into adults.

We’re with them every step of the way as they navigate life’s challenges and become exemplary community members.

Tailored support from within Australian communities

We’re deeply rooted in the communities we service, offering tailored, evidence-based programs for boys and young men aged 10-24.

Our approach is local, so we understand and can address community-specific needs so every young male we work with gets the tools he needs to thrive

Empowering healthy masculinities

We focus on fostering positive, healthy masculinities and breaking free from stereotypes.

Our programs are dedicated to empowering young males to find their unique strengths, embrace their true selves, and positively contribute to their communities.

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Find out about how to embed a Top Blokes mentoring program in your school or community. If you’re based in NSW or QLD book a chat with us using the form here. If you’re outside of those states, please head to Get in Touch.

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We’re an Australian charity dedicated to positively influencing boys and young men. All support, fundraising and donations help us continue to make a real difference.

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