Top Blokes Foundation welcomes Andrew Gale as new Chair

Top Blokes Foundation, a leading young men’s mental health charity, is proud to announce the appointment of Andrew Gale as its new Chair. Andrew brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to help guide Top Blokes in its mission to challenge and nurture young males to be their best selves.

Andrew has over 40 years’ experience in the financial services sector, primarily in senior executive, consulting, and non-executive director capacities. His active involvement in industry and regulatory issues, coupled with his engagement with government and senior public policymakers, showcases his commitment to driving positive change.

Andrew has demonstrated a strong commitment to the not-for-profit sector throughout his career. His involvement in various Global Access Partners (GAP) initiatives, including the Working Group on Education and Training in Philanthropy and Social Investment, highlights his dedication to social impact. Andrew also served as a founding Director of the Society for Knowledge Economics and played key roles in the Australian Society for Progress & Wellbeing.

In accepting the role of Chair at Top Blokes Foundation, Andrew Gale expressed his enthusiasm for contributing to the organisation’s mission.

It is easy to get behind an organisation like Top Blokes. The commitment to empowering and guiding young males aligns with my belief in the power of mentorship and education. I am excited to be part of a team dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of the next generation.

– Andrew Gale

Andrew’s qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts with an Actuarial major from Macquarie University, Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries of Australia, and completion of an MBA (Macquarie) in 1984. Additionally, he is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Andrew with Youth Workers, Toby and Kathryn at Henry Kendall Graduation

Managing Director and Founder of Top Blokes, Melissa Abu-Gazaleh shared her confidence in Andrew’s leadership. “Andrew’s appointment will further strengthen our impact on empowering young men to reach their full potential. His wealth of experience and commitment to social change makes him an ideal Chair for guiding Top Blokes towards continued success in our vision for more young males to lead healthy and safe lives,” said Melissa.

“I have already witnessed first-hand the impact Top Blokes has on young men across our local communities. As 2023 draws to a close, the next wave of Top Blokes is graduating from our programs. It’s inspiring to listen to the views of young people and see the world from their perspective. I’m honoured to be a champion and advocate for them as they continue their journey in life,” added Andrew.