Darius Boyd raising awareness for male health and wellbeing

[Source: Sky News Australia ]

Former NRL star Darius Boyd is raising awareness for male health and wellbeing through his work with the Top Blokes Foundation.

Kids Helpline statistics have shown that the number of children experiencing suicidal thoughts is the highest number ever.

The Top Blokes Foundation addresses young men’s health outcomes and provides social education programs to young men and boys.

The former NRL star, who is an ambassador of the foundation, opened up on what it was like growing up without a father figure in his life.
“I think for me having a program like this, mentoring and teaching about mental health and resilience and empathy, and teaching rights and wrongs, and just having someone that really genuinely cares and has interest in you would have been beneficial for me,” he told Sky News host Erin Molan.
“Definitely something that’s close to my heart and if I can help someone’s life for the better then I would love to do so.”